Bike Lanes, Crazy German Water Park & Snowboarding With the NYPD. These 3 short videos, which have over 50 million views combined, are a handful of the viral hits that have been created by filmmaker & YouTuber of the Year, Casey Neistat. What can we learn about Casey’s style of communication in these videos?

The answer is not a whole lot.

Don’t get me wrong… they’re good, very good, but they aren’t necessarily the reason we should pay attention to him. Casey’s done a lot of things right, he’s made a show for HBO, Co-Founded a social media platform called BEME and worked with a plethora of companies on sponsored content. Again, let’s not focus on all of this. What we can truly learn from Casey comes from his daily vlogs.

In his daily interactions with his audience, Casey’s ability to connect with the individuals watching his videos shines through. These vlogs are the reason for his soaring popularity. His delivery method is hard to describe, it’s organic, human. Have a look at one of vlogs to see what I mean.

So what can we learn from Casey?

Embrace imperfection

Perfection is idolised by most, pursued by many and almost impossible to actually relate to. From his widely functional (and almost entirely hand built) studio, his appearance and his sheer volume of daily videos, Casey embodies imperfection in the best way possible. In his own words “perfection erases humanity”. You’re never going to get communications in any medium 100% correct, strive for good, heck strive for excellent, but not perfect. Accept the imperfections, move on and get more done.

Story is king

Not all communication is a typical “story”, however, if you’re trying to persuade someone, you’ll be much more engaging if you take them on a journey. You may have pristine cinematography, sleek graphics or concrete key messages, but if you’re not telling some sort of story there’s a very good chance it’ll go to waste.

Lose the pretence

A lot of people do this very well, others not so much. Remember that when you’re communicating with an audience, whether that be through a marketing campaign, sales call or even a simple email, you’re dealing with real people. Real people who can smell BS just as easily as you can. Stay authentic and communicate with your audience in the same way you’d expect someone to communicate to you.



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